Group CEO's Message

I welcome you to Cnergyico website. Here you will find information related to our businesses and performances. Keep browsing to find the required information about our companies.

These are exciting times for Cnergyico. We have successfully completed major projects and achieved milestones that will be recorded not only in the history of Cnergyico but also Petroleum Sector of Pakistan. Year 2013 is expected to be the year of success for Cnergyico and our relentless efforts and dedication in the past years have finally reaped success. We now possess the largest oil refining complex in the country and runs Pakistan’s first Single Point Mooring (SPM) (a deep sea port) for managing the logistics of crude and petroleum products.

With the blessings of the Allah Almighty, we have announced the completion of the country’s largest oil refinery with a crude oil processing capacity of 120,000 barrels per day, at Mouza Kund, District Lasbella, Balouchistan. The refinery has successfully completed its initial run of about 48 hours during the course of pre-commissioning activities and was able to produce on-spec HSFO, HSD and Naphtha. This is yet another milestone achieved which is a step forward towards smooth and safe commercial production. Based on full throughput it is expected to produce on annual basis about 1.6 million tons of HSFO, 2.4 million tons of HSD and 1.1 million tons of MS that will definitely improve Pakistan’s import deficit and thus help to save foreign exchange for the country.

We have also introduced isomerisation technology in the refining sector of Pakistan that will enable us to produce environment friendly motor gasoline with negligible Benzene content.

Our Single Point Mooring (SPM) or floating port at Balochistan coast enables us to handle bulk cargoes for crude & petroleum products and provides an efficient feed stock for our two operational refineries. The SPM has been set up on the coast of Arabian Sea at a distance of approximately 14km from the Cnergyico’s Mouza Kund Site and is approximately 10 kilometers from the sea shore at 25 meters depth. This facility can accommodate larger size vessels carrying Crude/ Petroleum products of over 100,000 tons.

We market our products through a network of retail stations across Pakistan. Our network has grown in couple of years and now we have presence in more than 80 districts and cities all over Pakistan. We expect to continue adding outlets which will enable us to consolidate our market position and have representation within major geographical areas of the country spread from Karachi to Kashmir. Apart from retail sales, we have focused to have a diversified consumer portfolio and developed a strong customer base in bunkering and marine business, industrial consumer business, captive power projects, cement and consumer goods companies. We have also carved a niche in international market by supplying different products.

These are few significant steps towards achieving our aim to become a leader in oil, chemicals and petroleum infrastructure business in the region. This is just the beginning and may Allah bless us with our future endeavours.