Invitation to install / Operate Vending Machine at BYCO retail outlet (BROs)

Byco is the Company of Pakistan having a wide-spread retail network of around 351 Byco Retail Outlets (BROs) across the country. Byco offers an opportunity to install and operate vending machines at BYCO retail outlets where convenience store facility is not available. BYCO retail outlets are strategically located in main cities, highways, link roads and rural areas, which provide great opportunity for the Business Entities /Companies to place their vending machines and earn either from the sales or by advertising on the machine. The vending machine should have beverages and snacks to fulfill the needs of the customers.

Interested parties complying with the following pre-requisites are requested to express interest and offer their proposals to advertise at BYCO Retail Outlets.

  • Not in direct competition to BYCO
  • Registered and active tax payer having a valid NTN Certificate and / or CNIC
  • Ethically & morally correct in their business practices
  • Registered as a company/partnership/corporation under laws of Pakistan
  • In Compliance with BYCO HSE standards & Procedures

Following salient aspects should be covered in the business proposition:

  • Proposed Financial Offer to BYCO
  • All pre-requisites and responsibilities of BYCO

The business proposition plan addressed to Manager Non-Fuel Retail should reach us at the below mentioned Postal address or by Email

Manager NFR & Alliances
Non Fuel Retail Department, Byco Petroleum Pakistan Limited
The Harbor Front, 9th Floor, Dolmen City, HC-3, Block-4
Marine Drive, Clifton, Karachi
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
UAN: 111-222-081 Ext: 245/239


DISCLAIMER: BYCO reserves the right to accept or reject any proposal without assigning any reason whatsoever.