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Byco Oil Pakistan LimitedByco Oil Pakistan Limited

Company Profile


Byco Oil Pakistan Limited (BOPL), is a company incorporated in Pakistan on 6th April, 2006 having a portfolio of oil refining and chemical manufacturing businesses. With a vision to maximize the synergies of energy industry, the company owns the largest oil refinery in the country and plans to set up a chemical manufacturing plant soon at Byco’s manufacturing complex located at the coastal belt of Baluchistan province.

BOPL is owned by Byco Industries Incorporated (BII), a company incorporated in the Republic of Mauritius and having a portfolio of energy investments. Byco Industries Incorporated (BII) has identified great potential and opportunities in energy sector in this region and has invested in related businesses in Pakistan and United Arab Emirates.

BOPL owns major shareholding in another Byco company named as Byco Petroleum Pakistan Limited (BPPL). BPPL is incorporated in Pakistan since 1995 and is involved in oil refining and petroleum marketing in addition petroleum infrastructure and logistics businesses through its subsidiary named as Byco Terminals Pakistan Limited (BTPL).

KEY FACTSByco Oil Pakistan Limited (BOPL)
Name Byco Oil Pakistan Limited
Country Pakistan
Date of Incorporation April 7, 2006
Jurisdiction The Companies Ordinance, 1984, Pakistan.
Location Mouza Kund, Hub, Baluchistan, Pakistan
Status Unlisted and public limited
Chief Executive Officer Amir Abbassciy
Registered Address 10th Floor, The Harbour Front, Dolmen City, HC-3, Block-4, Marine Drive, Clifton, Karachi-75600, Pakistan.
Portfolio Oil Refining and Chemical Manufacturing
Key Installations Oil Refinery Aromatic Plant
Status Operational Project phase
Capacity 120,000 barrels per day 27,300 barrels per day
Major Products Refined Petroleum Products. Benzene, Mixed Xylene, Para Xylene, Ortho Xylene, C9 and Raffinate.
Subsidiary Byco Petroleum Pakistan Limited
Company Auditors EY Ford Rhodes. Chartered Accountants
Shares Registrar Central Depository Company of Pakistan (CDC)
  • Karachi Chamber of Commerce & Industry (KCCI)
  • Lasbela Chamber of Commerce & Industry (LCCI)
National Tax Number (NTN)
Computer generated Unique Identification Number (CUIN)

Business Portfolio

Oil Refining Business

Oil refining is the key business portfolio of the company. This business portfolio holds the largest oil refinery in the country in terms of refining capacity and is supported by the subsidiaries who are involved in petroleum marketing and petroleum infrastructure businesses. The business not only fulfills the energy demand of the country but also export finished products in the international markets.

Chemical Manufacturing Business

The company has identified great potential in chemical manufacturing business in this country and plans to set up a petrochemical complex besides its refinery complex in Mouza Kund, Hub, Baluchistan. This business portfolio is actively involved in project installation of the petrochemical plant that will produce various petrochemical saleable products to meet the demand of the country and beyond borders.

Organization Structure