Careers at Cnergyico

At Cnergyico, people, their skills and ideas are fundamental to the company’s ability to prosper and grow. Attracting the right people, maximizing their contribution to the business and rewarding their performance are all vital to the company’s success.

Cnergyico is committed in investing in human capital, offer competitive employment terms and provide safe and congenial working environment where people enjoy what they do and are motivated to achieve, while supporting the diverse needs of the individual. Cnergyico provides a structured framework for managing a culture of sustainable performance and accountability. The remuneration strategy incorporates a mix of fixed and variable remuneration that is flexible and market-competitive.

Job Categories at Cnergyico

Corporate Secretariat

  • Administration & Human Resource
    • Administration, Communications, Management Application and Systems, Personnel
  • Commercial
    • Contracts, Customer Services, Logistics, Procurement
  • Technical
    • Advisory, Maintenance, Operations, Projects
  • Finance
    • Financial Control/ Business Accounts, Budget & Control, Treasury and Investments.

Supervisory Secretariat

  • Audit
    • Financial, Standards, Technical
  • Services (Legal)
    • Information Technology, Legal, Secretarial Services, Stakeholder Relations
  • Strategy
    • Project Technology, Research, Resource Development, Systems