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Types of Refinery


The topping refinery just separates the crude into its constituent petroleum products by distillation, known as Atmospheric Distillation. Topping Refinery produces naphtha but no gasoline.


The hydroskimming refinery is equipped with Atmospheric Distillation, naphtha reforming and necessary treating processes. This type of refinery is more complex than a topping refinery and it produces gasoline.


The cracking or hydro cracking refinery, in addition to hydroskimming refinery, is equipped with vacuum distillation and catalytic cracking. The cracking refinery adds one more level of complexity to the hydroskimming refinery by reducing fuel oil by conversion to light distillates and middle distillates.


The coking refinery is equipped to process the vacuum residue into high value products using the Delayed Coking Process. The coking refinery adds further complexity to the cracking refinery by high conversion of fuel oil into distillates and petroleum coke.


The integrated refinery is equipped to upgrade its LPG or Naphtha into basic petrochemicals by way of aromatics production of Benzene, Cyclo Hexene, Meta Xylene, Ortho Xylene, Para Xylene and Toluene or Naphtha cracking.