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Current - Summer Edition 2023 (new)
July 04, 2023

Cnergyico Reports Robust Growth in Annual Net Profit to Rs. 4.7 Billion
Sept 21, 2022

3rd Quarterly Report 2022-23
May 02, 2023

BOL Newspaper features an exclusive interview of Mr. Mohammad Wasi Khan, Chairman - Cnergyico Pk Limited
Sept 05, 2022

Half Yearly Report 2022-23
Feb 28, 2023

Cnergyico Supports Flood Victims in Balochistan
Sept 02, 2022
Business Focus Magazine features Cnergyico Pk Limited
Dec 05, 2022
Cnergyico spreads a message of optimism & positivity through the independence day campaign
Aug 18, 2022

Annual Report for Fiscal Year 2021-2022
Sept 28, 2022

Notice of Extraordinary General Meeting Cnergyico Pk Limited
July 04, 2022

Pakistan Army's School of Artillery Visits Cnergyico's Oil Refining Complex
Oct 03, 2022

South Asia Magazine features exclusive interview of Mr. Mohammad Wasi Khan, Chairman - Cnergyico Pk Limited
July 01, 2022

Notice of 28th Annual General Meeting Cnergyico Pk Limited
Sept 28, 2022

Cnergyico Partners With Unilever to Enhance Customer Convenience
June 30, 2022

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Primary Point of Contact
Contact details of person designated by the Company for assisting and handling investor grievances is appended below:
Mr. Majid Muqtadir
Company Secretary
10th Floor, The Harbour Front, Dolmen City, HC-3, Block 4
Marine Drive, Clifton, Karachi

Telephone Number: +92 21 111 222 081, ext. 164
Fax Number: +92 21 111 888 081
Email Address: company.secretary@byco.com.pk
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Last Update:  Sep 21, 2023